How to Test for Conflicts

If something isn’t working normally, chances are there’s a conflict with your theme or another plugin. Discover the source of the conflict with the steps below.

What is a conflict and why is testing for it important?

A “conflict” is something that occurs when two plugins or a plugin and a theme are incompatible with one another. Testing for a conflict is important because they can often be fixed easily, but only if the true nature of the conflict is known beforehand.

1. Identify if a conflict exists

  • Disable all other plugins
  • Switch to the default WordPress theme
  • Test the slider

2. If the slider works, after following the three steps above, it means there’s an incompatibility somewhere.

3. Identify where the conflict is coming from.

  • Reactivate a single plugin
  • Test the slider
  • If the slider stops working, you’ve identified the source of the conflict
  • If the slider does not work, repeat steps #1-2 until you’ve reactivated all other plugins.

4. Finally, switch back to your current theme to complete the testing phase.

5. Once you’ve identified the source of the conflict:

Make sure everything is updated:

  • Is WordPress updated to the latest version?
  • Maybe your theme has an update available?
  • Maybe your plugin(s) need to be updated?

Contact our support center with the following information

  • Name of plugin(s) or theme that is conflicting
  • Information about where the problem occurs (specific part of admin? or maybe frontend of your site?)
How to Test for Conflicts

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