Custom Styles Based on Category

Apply custom styles to a grid’s skin based on grid item’s category. Useful for when using the Lyndon skin, but can also be applied to any skin.


Normally when setting up a post-based grid, you can make custom skin modifications for each individual post.

This can be done in the “Essential Grid Custom Settings” section, under “Skin Modifications”.  However, these custom styles are only specific to each post, and therefore need to be applied for each individual post.

But if you want to apply a skin modification based on what category the post belongs to, this can be accomplished with some custom CSS.

1. Get the “slug” name for your post’s category.

2. Get the skin’s “Class Prefix” from inside the Item Skin Editor.

3. Use the following code format for the custom CSS style.

.filter-POST_CATEGORY_SLUG.SKIN_CLASS_PREFIX-wrapper .esg-overlay {
    background-color: #0000FF

3.1 Example CSS to apply a custom background color for two different categories: .esg-overlay {
    background-color: #0000FF
} .esg-overlay {
    background-color: #FF0000

4. Where to add the Custom CSS

Custom Styles Based on Category

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